[clug] iPod oddness

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Fri May 27 12:36:36 GMT 2005

Well, the odd iPod behavior continues.

Mikal tried it on his IBM lappie under 2.6.x on Thursday night and it didn't 
spit. (btw, it took me *ages* to delete those files...)

I tried it on a G3 powerbook under 2.6.10-5-powerpc. It does autodetect and 
mount nicely but when I try to use it, the same thing happens. File system 
panic and remount read-only.

Annoyingly, it appears to work okay on various Windows boxes under XP. 
Internal battery nicely charged, so I doubt it's a power supply issue.

Sorry Mikal. Just because it works for you and not for me, I still can't let 
you keep it... :-)


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