[clug] St George broken even better

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at gmail.com
Mon May 9 02:21:25 GMT 2005

k3b is the way to go.  When I first started using Linux I tried half a
dozen gui CD burning program (well Mandrake gave you that many!).  k3b
is by far the most user-friendly and by far the one that most
resembles Nero.  For one thing it handles files like a normal
file-manager and not some weird system it concocted out of nowhere and
its interface is much less cluttered then the other CD burning
programs I tried.  It's even less cluttered than something like Nero. 
It's also by far the prettiest looking esp. if you have a nice KDE
style.  For one thing it has cute  penguins doing cute things on it
and its splash screen :)


On 5/9/05, Greg Castle <clug at gregcastle.fastmail.fm> wrote:

> On a completely unrelated note I'm looking for a pretty GUI
> cd-authoring/burning app (something nero-ish) that will convince my
> girlfriend that Linux isn't evil and making the change was for the good
> of mankind...
> Cheers,
> Greg

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