[clug] another attempt at the pub SIG

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Sun May 8 05:44:29 GMT 2005

A few people suggested that they might be interested, so I'm going to sharpen 
the stick again, and suggest that anyone who is interested get together at 
the Pancake Parlour in Civic (nope, not a pub - the Subject is intentionally 
misleading) to talk about Geek Stuff.

No specific level of Linux knowledge is required, just some interest in 
hanging out with us. I'd personally be interested in helping people get from 
the "just a user" level to some "developer" level community involvement (eg 
programming, doing documentation, filing quality bugs, doing artwork, 
managing bugs, etc). 

When: this Thursday, 12 May, 6:30 pm (12052005K1830 for you paramilitary 
types, conversion to ISO8601 is left as an exercise for Kim).

There is apparently wireless LAN courtesy Nerdband, bring your laptop if you 
feel the need.

If you can't figure out which table it is, look for the Tux toy.

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