[clug] Multiple distros on one HD

ellisfamily ellisfamily at homemail.com.au
Thu Mar 31 15:12:49 GMT 2005

I have Windows XP SP2, SuSE and Mandrake systems instaled on one drive. I 
have lilo doing the gatekeeping. It defaults to XP because I have to have it 
behave if other people turn it on without me there.

** The hitch: The two linux options both go to SuSE despite my efforts to 
have separate entries.

I have 5 partitions on a 40GB hard drive:
1.    A 'native' Windows partition of ample proportion, with XP SP2;
2.    A linux swap;
3.    ~10GB of ReiserFS with SuSE 9.2;
4.    An ext3 of ~5GB with Mandrake 10;
5.    A Windows-formatted drive for the last bit of space.

a. How do I persuade a new distro installation to share the lilo?
b. Can I edit the lilo entry without having to re-install the 'second' 
distro (Mandrake)?

So far, I'm drawing a blank on a double distro / triple system How-To. 
Pointers to a readable instruction would be gratefully received.


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