[clug] RPM building question

Andrew Pollock andrew-clug at andrew.net.au
Wed Mar 16 22:04:11 GMT 2005

>From the Debian developer tries to build an RPM department...


I'm trying to build an RPM, which is going to contain a mishmash of
site-specific configurationy files for a Linux-based appliance that seems to
be running a highly doctored version of Red Hat 9 or something.

I've built a preliminary RPM, but the problem is the files it wants to
install are also files owned by other packages (e.g. /etc/passwd) so RPM has
kittens and won't install the package without a lot of forcing.

I'd prefer not to require a mallet to install the package, as the
installation process can be quite neatly hacked by adding the RPM to a file
containing a list of RPMs, but this won't work if the RPM requires special
treatment to install.

So, my question is: can I put something in my spec file that states my
package overwrites or enhances or whatever the keyword might be, bits and
pieces of another package?



Sheesh, at least with Debian packaging, all the documentation is readily
locatable, in one place. With RPM, there's a million different sources of
inconsistent documentation :-(

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