[clug] snmp equipped UPS's

Andrew Smith andrew at coolchilli.com
Fri Mar 11 02:57:56 GMT 2005

Hi again Rob,

I've setup APC's network management cards, (a $400+ option in their rack and
tower series) and monitor those with Nagios and MRTG via an snmp bash
script.  The gear at site doesn't have any shutdown requirements (not PCs),
we're mostly monitoring input power and battery level/runtime, plus those
are environmental cards ($600+), so we get to chart and monitor temperature
and humidity too :)

The APC cards in particular are a bit expensive unless you are using a very
heavy duty UPS, or don't have a linux box to run nut on.  Lately we've found
that smaller units running local management is the cheaper option, it saves
you running your switch on a UPS too.


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> Hey
> Does anyone have any experience with the UPS's that have an embedded snmp
> I am just trying to work out what I need to run on my servers to query the
> and then perform shutdowns if needed. Or is it just simpler to use NUT on
> master and connect that to the UPS via usb or serial?
> regards
> Rob
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