[clug] PSIG is dead, long live PSIG

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Thu Mar 10 11:37:12 GMT 2005

On Thursday, March 10, 2005, at 09:29 PM, Brad Hards wrote:
> OK, there were two of us. Something is telling me that I'm probably 
> pushing it
> uphill with a sharp stick :-(

Dang. I like to think it's there in case I'm ever qualified to turn up. 
I'm not a P, but I do have several SI's and would enjoy learning from a 

I say, "Don't let it die!" Given more promotion and perhaps advertised 
topics like CLUG has enjoyed recently, it may kick on.

Then again, maybe there are more sysadmins here than programmers. 
Should we kick off a SadSIG?



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