[clug] verifying sender to smarthost from exim box

tmc at dreamcraft.com.au tmc at dreamcraft.com.au
Mon Mar 7 03:01:42 GMT 2005

> Hash: SHA1
> it certainly seems a lot like that *but*...
> 1) in thunderbird I need to verify even if I've already run a pop to
> get my mail down

well you script it tu run fetchmail to pop your mail and as soon as thats
done, send your email.

> 2) OK if it's pop-before-smtp which MTA's support it?

None that I know of for MTA to MTA transfer.

> tmc at dreamcraft.com.au wrote:
> |> Let me get this straight: Your ISP requires you to login to use
> |> their smarthost? Seems odd, but stranger things have happened.
> |
> | Many ISP's use pop-before-smtp as an "anti-spam" feature.
> |
> | You might try to sun a pop session and then send all the email at
> | once...
> |
> | Tomasz


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