[clug] verifying sender to smarthost from exim box

John Griffiths johnboy at the-riotact.com
Sun Mar 6 22:56:05 GMT 2005

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Well, i haven't set it up yet, I was asking because on other machines
I've set up there wasn't anywhdere to put in userID and passwd.

might be easier to bypass the ISP alltogether and use the MTA on a
server i do have control over?

Martijn van Oosterhout wrote:

| Let me get this straight: Your ISP requires you to login to use
| their smarthost? Seems odd, but stranger things have happened.
| When you configured exim, did you pick the smarthost option? That's
|  sets up everything for smarthost operation. If you need to
| authenticate there you should lookup the docs. Your question is
| probably somewhere in the FAQ:
| http://www.exim.org/exim-html-4.20/doc/html/FAQ.html
| If it's just because you're using a fake domain name in the Sender
| header, whack the domain of your ISP in there. You should be
| setting the Sender yourself if possible anyway...
| Hope this helps,
| On Mon, Mar 07, 2005 at 09:21:52AM +1100, John Griffiths wrote:
|> G'day all.
|> I've got a debian box up and running happily on iburst/veritel.
|> email from thunderbird is working fine but I do need to verify
|> outbound mail with userID and password first time on any given
|> login.
|> I'm also running websec which is checking a few websites for
|> changes every four hours. It sends the results out via the MTA
|> (exim) to a group of five people.
|> Those emails get rejected by most hosts because my machine
|> doesn't have a domain name.
|> Smarthost sending would seem to be what I want but does anyone
|> know how to configure exim (or abother MTA if need be) to do the
|> logon?
|> Or perhaps there's another obvious solution I'm missing.
|> Domain name registration might be the way forward but I'd rather
|> not do that just right now.
|> Thanks In Advance.
|> John
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