[clug] (SEC: UNCLASSIFEID) ATI directfb

Lisman, Jarrad FLGOFF Jarrad.Lisman at defence.gov.au
Wed Mar 2 01:54:28 GMT 2005

Hi all

I have a long term goal of getting directfb, directfbgl and the SDL working
so that I can use opengl from the console/framebuffer. My laptop currently
runs an ATI radeon 9600 through an SiS agp chipset. I have a custom kernel
2.6.10 on a debian distro running with the fglrx module (provided by ATI)
and am getting hardware acceleration in X no worries (albeit not very good
:( only 1400 FPS on glxgears).
According to a small readme file I found my goal is achievable, however,
some of the steps require me to recompile the Mesa libraries with the fbdev
ported DRM modules that can be obtained through the DRI CVS tree, which
obviously does not include the fglrx module (which needs XFree according to
ATI's website), and there other references to miniglx, which although
mentioned in the Mesa 6.2.1 doco does not actualy have any .c or .h files in
the tar ball.

So, a couple of questions....

Has any one tried this and succeeded?
Has anyone tried to compile Mesa to use fbdev on a radeon 9600?
Has anyone got the kernel radeon drivers working without having to use fglrx
for a radeon 9600?
Has anyone got any other helpful tips and tricks?



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