iburst (was Re: [clug] public wireless)

Bob Edwards Robert.Edwards at anu.edu.au
Tue Mar 1 02:39:02 GMT 2005

Kim Holburn wrote:
> Anyone used iburst?  Does it work with linux?
Yes and yes (to the router model) (I have one in my car).
It provides a PPPOE interface. I have my Linksys WRT54G set
up to do the PPPOE thing to the iBurst modem and all is sweet.
I suspect that native (non-Linksys) Linux will PPPOE to it
just as well.

There are drivers for the USB interface for Linux on the
installation CD.

Haven't tried with the PC-Card version of the iBurst modem.
Didn't see any Linux drivers for it (but then, I didn't look
to hard either).


Bob Edwards.

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