[clug] [FOR SALE] 1RU Enermax case

Nerdvana - Steve Walsh S.walsh at nerdvana.com.au
Tue Mar 1 02:16:06 GMT 2005

Hi All

Through various shuffling and to and froing, we have an unwanted,
brand-new-in-box Enermax ICS-112B 1RU case up for Grabs. Info on the ICS112B
can be found here ->

The case itself is Aluminium, with all the fruit including front handles,
oodles of Fans and a PCI riser card. It has a run of mounts down the size
for rack rails, and we have a set of 26" rails available too ($85). We don't
need it as it won't take an Intel server board. Keeping in mind it's brand
new and only been opened once to check the fit on the Intel board, asking
price is $375. If you want to get some other parts with this, I'm happy to
negotiate a bundle offer.

I can be reached on 626 22 555 if anyone has any questions.


Stephen Walsh
Nerdvana Systems Pty Ltd
Ph:02 626 22 555

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