[clug] iPod shuffle issues

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Thu Jun 30 09:58:38 GMT 2005

On Thu, Jun 30, 2005 at 07:42:31PM +1000, Michael Carden wrote:
> On a 2.6 kernel Ubuntu box today, I opened a terminal with tail 
> -f /var/log/messages and plugged in a shuffle. Errors scrolled continuously 
> and I wasn't even trying to use the thing.
> Still, on occasion, when the wind is in the right direction, I have plugged 
> into my Debian unstable 2.4.27 machine, mounted the shuffle and copied 100 
> meg of data to it. I have always had to stop copying when the kernel log 
> announces 'Filesystem panic - mounting read only' and the copy fails with 'no 
> room left on device.'
> Thanks for the advice so far though.

What kernel version on Ubuntu?

The usb-storage stuff was (finally) completely rewrittren around 2.6.9. I
have found that many usb-storage devices I have now work either better or at
all, however it mnay have changed for various other devices. As Brad has
said from time to time the usb-storage stuff is a bit of a mess.

If you jhave not tried it in a latest kernel (2.6.12 or there about) do so
and see what happens.

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