[clug] Re: Fedora 3 security update kills Linux install

Sam Couter sam at couter.dropbear.id.au
Wed Jun 29 09:16:54 GMT 2005

Pearl Louis <pearl.louis at gmail.com> wrote:
> Thanks to everyone who replied.  As to *why* I was running SELinux,
> well I wasn't entirely sure what it was about but the Fedora webpage
> heavily promoted it as increasing security and making your
> installation safer etc. so being rather naive I bought into it, the
> same way I bought into buying an anti-virus program and downloaded
> anti-spyware programs for my Windows install.  Well, that and I
> *think* it might have been the default choice in the installation. 
> Poor reasons probably.  I have now turned it off.

Not poor reasons, quite good ones. It's a shame that one bad experience
was enough to turn you off. I'd have thought better of RedHat. I'm
hoping that the next Debian release (etch) includes SELinux as a
standard feature. The kernels already support it, the userland tools
just need to be downloaded from elsewhere.

As for anti-virus for Windows, there are free ones available. :)

> suggestions for an alternative distro that actually *tests* its
> security patches but is still relatively easy to use (sorry Paul, that
> rules out Debian unforunately)?

Debian is easy. Homer Simpson's nuclear reactor controlling bird could
install it. Just bounce on the enter key for a while.
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