[clug] iPod shuffle issues

Michael Carden crash at michaelcarden.net
Tue Jun 28 12:18:17 GMT 2005

> I'm sorry you are having such trouble. It sounds like a
> software/hardware combination on the PC end that is the issue, though
> considering how many combinations you have tried, it is very odd.

Indeed. Perhaps I ought to have ignored the default file systems.

The application level stuff appears not so important in this case. I'm using 
(or trying to use) rebuild_db.py (from sourceforge) as the shuffle database 
rebuilder after I copy files across. Sometimes I get enough stuff across that 
rebuild_db.py can work. Sometimes it crashes because the device unmounted in 
the meantime.

Then I can listen to one or two of the podcasted mp3s that actually made it.

Yours clearly works in just the way that mine doesn't.

I'm not familiar with the behaviour of file systems in general when stuff goes 
bad, so I'm not sure where I ought to be looking.

What I need is a pointer to something I can do with an iPod on one of my 
machines that will help me to work out why it gets spat out.


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