[clug] KDE Keyboard Wierdness... IV

Donovan J. Edye donovan at edyeweb.com
Tue Jun 28 09:29:01 GMT 2005


- Solved It!!!!
- *Somehow* the accessibility to use "slow keys" had been set for that user.
Hence the long presses required
- Unset that and all is good


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On 27 Jun 2005, at 21:15, Donovan J. Edye wrote:

> - The keyboard is non responsive for that particular user
> - ie. Press letter "a" and nothing happens (in Kate) hold down
> letter "a" and
> eventually letter a appears and starts repeating
> - I have checked the keyboard settings for that user and they are
> the same as
> the users for whom the keyboard works

The BFI* approach would be to copy that user's data aside, delete
their home directory, recreate their home directory, and copy the
data back. Or just delete all KDE related dot-directories
(eg: .kde, .kde3, .qt) and files, then log in again as that user.

This will mean you have to reconfigure KMail, Konqueror, etc. But the
BFI will save you the time of trying to figure out what went wrong
(and lose the opportunity to file a bug report or figure out how to
stop it happening again).


*BFI = brute force and ignorance, a debugging technique common in
areas where the system with the problem is more complex than the
brain trying to debug it.
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