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Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Tue Jun 28 07:40:08 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jun 28, 2005 at 05:19:18PM +1000, Pascal Klein wrote:
> I've been meaning to take a peak at some blogs if people have any, especially 
> from our lug. Anyone with blogs, could I grab the links off you sometime 
> perhaps?

I would suggest googling for a few names you commonly see p[osting to the

for example

"martin pool" and you see the link to his weblog as second link

"tim potter" (list admin) and you see his weblog as third link

"michael still" and you see his as top link (big surprise there </tic>

"andrew pollock" and again you see his blog as top link

The quotes are important in some of the searches (though admittedly without
quotes this is the fourth hit "Michael Still Reigns As Illinois' Top Baby

Oh well

	See You

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