[clug] How to connect computer to printer through printer server

Pearl Louis pearl.louis at gmail.com
Tue Jun 28 05:50:24 GMT 2005

Hi guys

I was wondering if I could get some advice in how to get my Fedora 3
laptop to talk to two laser printers in my laboratory.  Now the
situation is, the two printers are connected to a dedicated print
server called "Fast Dedicated Print Server Mini300" for which I have
the IP address.  Now, even getting a Windows machine to talk to the
printers is a bit of an issue.  First you have to download what looks
like a driver from a website which as far as I can tell is called "I
Love Epson".  Then when you go through the whole "Add Printer" wizard
you have to choose using a special port which in the Properties window
of Windows XP looks like "LPT:PS47AB-1".    Now to add to the fun and
why I've been so vague is because I am currently in Japan so the
printers (Epsons) are Japanese printers, the only info I can find on
the web about them and the print server is in Japanese and the "I Love
Epson" web page is in Japanese as were the special driver programs I
had to download (which resulted in a lot of fun trying to run them on
an English version of Windows XP - neither I nor my Japanese
co-workers could read the gibberish dialogue boxes.  And people say
having the "OK" button in a predictable position i.e. on the right or
left is not important :)  Now in Fedora 3 I've tried the Add Printer
gui many times and I've tried all the options but none of them seem to
work, though admittedly I may have been doing something wrong.  This
is one of the last major things forcing me to use Windows on the
laptop (it's really annoying having to reboot to print out a paper).

Thanks in advance for the help!

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