[clug] USB-2 controller card supported?

James Cherryh jcherryh at gmail.com
Mon Jun 27 13:12:10 GMT 2005

Trying to get some more life out of my old boxen. This card looks like
what I want - USB-2 and firewire.


Quote "USB 2.0 AND FIREWIRE PCI CARD  	Add both USB 2.0
(1.5/12/480mbps) and FireWire IEEE 1394 (400mbps) PCI card has 3 x
USB2.0/1.1, 2 x Firewire external, 1 USB2.0/1.1 internal Nec & Agere
chipsets, for Win98/SE/ME/2K/XP, powered by FDD power cable"

I've searched the web but no references to Linux for this device.

Anyone know if it should Just Work? I'm running Mandrake 2005LE if
that makes a difference...


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