[clug] CentOS

Steve Walsh steve at nerdvana.org.au
Sat Jun 25 01:01:28 GMT 2005

Thanks Paul, but all the files in that Directory are 3.5, where I
specifically need the 3.4 release.

Downloadings not a problem (I have a 1500 with 80Gb per month download, and
even better, access to an AARNET Link if need be), it's finding the damn

CentOS seem to pull old versions and replace them with the newest as soon as
it comes out, so unless I can find an Archive somewhere, I seem to up the
proverbial creek without a paddle.

Thanks for the offers folks, I'll keep looking around the mirrors.

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Steve Walsh wrote:
> Does anyone on list has ISO's (or even better, copies!) of the x86-64
> flavour of CentOS 3.4? There's a packet of Tim-Tams in it for one lucky
> person.
> I know I can install RH9, and then use YUM to uprade/transfer/mangle it
> across to CentOS, but I'd rather install this one clean, as the box in
> question will reside in Brisbane, and flights aren't cheap.
> Regards
> Steve.

You can download CentOS, via bittorrent or direct download


and the latest version is 4.1.  Work has a copy of some version for
x86_64, which I can probably get a copy of on Monday.  Or I could
download the iso's/DVD today for you if you like.

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