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Paul Warren u3292467 at anu.edu.au
Fri Jun 24 23:37:39 GMT 2005

Steve Walsh wrote:
> Does anyone on list has ISO's (or even better, copies!) of the x86-64
> flavour of CentOS 3.4? There's a packet of Tim-Tams in it for one lucky
> person.
> I know I can install RH9, and then use YUM to uprade/transfer/mangle it
> across to CentOS, but I'd rather install this one clean, as the box in
> question will reside in Brisbane, and flights aren't cheap.
> Regards
> Steve.

You can download CentOS, via bittorrent or direct download


and the latest version is 4.1.  Work has a copy of some version for
x86_64, which I can probably get a copy of on Monday.  Or I could
download the iso's/DVD today for you if you like.

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