[clug] WRT54G demo tonight

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Thu Jun 23 05:25:04 GMT 2005

I still haven't got the serial port installed in the silly router.  
It's only just today that I managed to get the serial port, the  
linksys, my soldering iron and some solder into the same city at the  
same time. If anyone's interested, I'll be bringing the tools along  
tonight, so we can try installing the serial port at the end of the  
meeting (when it's safe to destroy the hardware, after the  
presentation has been done).

The rest of my presentation will continue as planned:
  - Brief discussion of architecture (WRT54G in particular, broadcom  
chipset in general)
  - Enabling boot_wait (theory only)
  - Uploading stock firmware (my device is already running OpenWRT)
  - Uploading OpenWRT
  - Working with OpenWRT
     - dnsmasq
     - udhcpc
     - ipkg
  - Setting up packages
     - ntpclient
     - iptables extras
  - Using FireHOL to set up a firewall
     - blocking access to WoW

If you're brave, bring along your WRT54G and we'll see how much magic  
smoke we can liberate!

Alex Satrapa
magic smoke liberation team

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