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Fergus McKenzie-Kay Fergus.McKenzie-Kay at nicta.com.au
Mon Jun 20 03:04:03 GMT 2005

Hi guys,
Sorry for this, but it seems to me that anyone with some linux skills
should read this list, so therefore good place to look for people.

I have 2 Sys Admin positions I need filled here at NICTA.
NICTA is an IT Research company (IT centre of excellence) where there is
some really cool research done in various fields.  Our job is to provide
computer and network support for this research and even help with the
research where we can.  It's a mixed environment with Linux, Mac and
Windows.  Our servers are all Debian and we (Kim Holburn mainly) have
done lots of work getting a nice LDAP with Kerberos environment working.
First job I'm looking for someone to be first level support, they don't
need much experience but will have to learn quickly.  
The second job is still to be advertised but if I get some interest I
can move it faster.  I am ultimately looking for someone who is good at
being a Sys Admin but likes developing software.  At the moment the
development we'll mainly be website/db type of stuff, but more projects
are coming soon.

As we are a research company we are pretty flexible with hours and such.

Let me know if any of this interests any of you.

Fergus McKenzie-Kay
IT Manager
Canberra Research Laboratory

National ICT Australia Limited
Locked Bag 8001
Canberra ACT 2601
Tel: (02) 6125 8638
Mob: 0419 272 191
Fax: (02) 6125 8623 
Email: Fergus.McKenzie-Kay at nicta.com.au 
Web: http://www.nicta.com.au

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