[clug] knoppix for Sparc?

David Collett davico at tpg.com.au
Thu Jun 16 08:00:51 GMT 2005

An alternative to a full live cd would be to start a net install of
(say) debian. You can switch to a VT (alt-F2) as soon as it stops to ask
you a question, get a terminal (hit enter) and you will probably at
least have 'dd' etc.


On Thu, 2005-06-16 at 17:02 +1000, Michael James wrote:
> It would be convenient to boot an old Sparc Enterprise 250 box
>  from a CD to debrief its disks, Solaris has died.
> Anyone know of a knoppix equivalent for Sparc?
> Great gratitude for any pointers,
> michaelj
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