[clug] Debian Sarge or Ubuntu for a server?

Stephen Granger sgranger at stepsoft.com.au
Wed Jun 15 04:03:46 GMT 2005


>> Rebuilding a system from scratch is a great way to:
>>  - Make yourself aware of what software you actually have installed
>>  - be sure that the O/S is a clean, pristine install
>>  - be sure that your disaster recovery plan is working correctly
>> Use the upgrade to test the disaster recovery plan by turning off the
>> old machine and pretending that it was acquired by the secret police,
>> burnt in a fire, squashed by a runaway truck, or reformatted by your
>> PFY who was looking for a new WoW box.
>> Alex

DR is a bit of a soft spot for me at the moment. Systems are Redhat
Linux ES, though could just as easily be debian (s/kickstart/FAI). I
would like some advice on a more appropriate method.

Do a full system backup of the live system. Use a rescue CD to boot and
build partition, add boot loader, restore entire system


Backup required directories (e.g. /etc/ /home/ /usr/local/ /opt/ /var/).
Do a OS system build with kickstart to get OS/users/net running, update
rpms, copy over rpms, run script to make other customer changes for /opt
apps and system hardening.

Any advice, opinions, recommmendations would be much appreciated, on or
off list.

-- Stephen Granger

P.S. sorry Alex.. didn't mean to send the first copy directly to you.

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