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Thanks for clarifying the CIT course information James. I had been
searching the CIT-website for information to confirm what was being
said earlier but now I am not quite so surprised I couldn't find any.

I agree that this would be a very beneficial thing to do during
Software Freedom Day.
Perhaps a division of forces with these types of activities (FW demo's
and Certifications) being conducted at Campuses and maybe some
freeware distrubution to passers by (knoppix etc) going on in the
Business Districts? Take the battle to the clients as it were.
.....or is that aiming a little high for the smallest territory in Oz?

I would also be very interested in attending / setting up an informal
study group such as the one James mentioned.

On 6/9/05, Hamilton, James <James.Hamilton at cit.act.edu.au> wrote:
> CIT unfortunately do not run courses aiming at LPI
> certification...however we do run two short courses (Statements of
> Attainment) in Linux. One is a very basic introduction course, the
> second focuses on SysAdmin issues. Drop me a line off list for more
> info.
> LPI have established a presence in Australia through Linux Australia
> (www.lpi.org.au) and there is a process that allows  for pen and paper
> exams to be held in the community just like they were at LCA. This
> process involves LPI endorsing people to supervise the exams. There are
> a small number of us endorsed currently and we are trying to work out
> how to expand that in a manageable way.
> I would love to arrange for more exams to be held in Canberra later this
> year and think that perhaps this would be a Good Thing To Do as part of
> software freedom day. This of course would need people being interested.
> In terms of training that is available and is specifically for LPI,
> there is some great stuff happening at Granville TAFE in Sydney with
> Geoffrey Robertson who runs study groups
> (http://www.slug.org.au/training.html). While this is not of much use
> for those of us who do not live in Sydney, the material used in these
> programs is all available through an open documentation program set up
> on sourceforge (http://sourceforge.net/projects/lcdp/). Ignore the
> releases - all the good stuff is in CVS. No one in Canberra trains for
> it specifically.
> I would be happy to help with setting up an informal study group using
> this material as Michael suggested. I know the curriculum and could help
> structure the outline.
> Brief Description of LPI for those who don't know what we are talking
> about.
> LPI (Linux Professional Institute) (www.lpi.org) is a not for profit
> organisation that develops and administers vendor neutral certification
> exams for Linux. There are two certifications currently: LPIC 1 and LPIC
> 2. Each certification requires the successful completion of 2 exams ie
> (101 & 201) || (201 & 202). These exams can be done at commercial
> testing centres for $150 or by pen and paper at LPI.AU sponsored exams
> for $60.
> James Hamilton
> Faculty of Business and IT
> Canberra Institute of Technology
> 02 6205 9613
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