[clug] Last ideas on this gimp presentation

Pascal Klein 4pascal at tpg.com.au
Wed Jun 8 12:46:47 GMT 2005

Okay, I would like to finalise this idea.
Err, yeah, I would be happy to present something, but after someone else. My 
little thing won't take long, so this gives the guys who aren't too 
interested (or would like to do an installfest [which i would be interested 
in following too]) to do something else. I would prefer to do it as 
"informal" as possible (first time I am presenting something like this in 
front of gurus). :-)

Of course I am very open, so if you all wish to hold an installfest that would 
take the entire evening, sure thing. I am also happy to shorten my time, or 
take another evening next month perhaps if anyone wants to present for long.

However considering the amount of interest, if it is alright, yea, 30ish 
minutes on the 23rd June would be nifty.

Have a good one,


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