[clug] Debian release party at this month's CLUG?

Alex Satrapa grail at goldweb.com.au
Tue Jun 7 03:38:46 GMT 2005

On 7 Jun 2005, at 12:45, Michael James wrote:

> And if Alex Satrapa wanted to do a session on flashing
>  and configuring the WRT54G that would be great too.
> It'd be particularly good if it could set up VLANs.

Does anyone have a WRT54G that they want to bring along, and we can  
do a WRT54G hacking session? I've got one of my own already, which  
can be used for most of the demonstration. It's already been modded,  
so I won't be able to demonstrate the hardest part of the whole  
exercise which is convincing the hardware to accept a new ROM.

I'll have to experiment with the VLAN stuff - the software and  
hardware is theoretically capable of it. The switch in the WRT54G is  
a 5-port VLAN-tagging switch, and the drivers allow configuration of  
the VLAN for each physical port. I simply haven't hacked with these  
features yet.

Setting up a WoW firewall is something I probably need to do for  
myself anyway. I'll bring along my (dented) PowerBook G4 running WoW,  
and show how to set up the network so that the WoW patch client works  
properly, and then we can explore setting it up so that WoW won't  
work at all. I've even got a couple of ideas for "try this, bypass it  
like so, then lock that hole down, then bypass it like so..."

Any more ideas about what people would like to see covered?  OpenWRT  
has a firehol package available, so I'll introduce you all to what I  
think is the best (bar none) iptables wrapper in the world. Bring  
along your wired/wireless PCs and Laptops, WRT54Gs, and we'll see  
what we can do about hacking upon Linux' advanced routing abilities.

So a plan could be:
  - WRT54G basics (10 min)
    - Demonstrate uploading custom firmware to a virgin WRT54G
      (that's the hard part - getting hold of a WRT54G that
      hasn't already been modded, but is moddable)
    - Demonstrate uploading revised firmware to a hacked WRT54G
    - Show modded WRT54G with RS-232 serial port communicating to
      dialup modem
  - Linux Firewalling (30min)
    - Explore network usage of an application (World of Warcraft),
      figure out how to control its Internet access
  - Advanced Linux Routing (however long people can focus for ;)
    - Explore VLAN tagging capabilities of WRT54G
    - Set up sample Red/Orange + Jade/Lime/Sage network
    - Experiment with traffic shaping (eg: prioritising SSH over
      telnet over FTP over HTTP)

Does anyone have cool Linux advanced routing tricks that we could  
show off on this hardware?


PS: is anyone still interested in my old Samba+LDAP notes? I  
unfortunately let that project ... umm... fall between the cushions  
on the couch. Yes, that's it. But I've suddenly got a free night  
ahead of me (gf going back to her country place for the week and WoW  
servers are down for extended maintenance from 8pm tonight till 4am  
tomorrow). I will prepare a static HTML version and publish that on  
my .Mac account for interested parties to download to their heart's  

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