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Adrian Blake A.Blake at physics.usyd.edu.au
Mon Jun 6 06:45:55 GMT 2005

Here is what Sony had to say: "

The Video footage is stored as .VOB files, and the disc structure is 
standard UDF 2.0 DVD.

To capture the video footage onto your computer, you will need to use 
the supplied software. "

Now I can try to mount the disk and type udf.


John Hodge wrote:
>>From http://www.asia.cnet.com/reviews/videocam/0,39032967,39019706p,00.htm
> (part of a not very flattering review that gives the Sony DVD101 a 6 out
> of 10)
> "… The DVD101 records to write-once DVD-R or rewriteable DVD-RW discs. Using 
> the latter discs, you gain some basic editing capabilities, including the 
> ability to split, reorder, and delete scenes. When you finalize the disc, the 
> DVD101 creates a DVD menu that you can use to navigate your clips on a set-top 
> player. It can also create a video slideshow of any images on the disc. The 
> camera lacks a Memory Stick slot, instead storing still images on DVD.
> If your computer can read DVD-ROMs, file transfer is a snap--just drop the 
> finalized disc in the drive. Otherwise, you can use the included USB cable to 
> move video and stills to your PC; the camcorder mounts as a drive for easy 
> transfer. Mac users are out of luck: Sony doesn't include any Mac software, 
> and the DVD101 lacks a FireWire (or as Sony calls it, iLink) port. "
> And from the specs tab "...Connectivity USB 2.0, USB Mini B, DC In, Multi AV,
> Remote In" (not sure what Multi AV is, perhaps svideo)
> Your original message is not clear about what you want to do.
> You do need to find the file and video formats from your manual, 
> if you have it rather than trying to guess. Your options then include:
> To simply play your video:
> -  mount a finalised mini dvd disk from your videocam in your ordinary 
>    dvd reader and use say xine or other video player to play the (presumably)
>    mpeg2 file(s) on (possibly) an iso9660 disk format
> To edit your video on your Linux computer:
> -  work out how to connect and mount the videocam via USB 2 as Brad is
>    leading you to, then use one of the Linux video editing
>    programs to read your video in, picking one that can read
>    your actual video format.
> See Non Linear Video Editors (NLE)and video capture at:
> http://sourceforge.net/softwaremap/trove_list.php?form_cat=125
> and/or Non Linear Video Editors at
> http://freshmeat.net/search/?q=video+editor&trove_cat_id=256&section=trove_cat
> --
> Regards
> John Hodge
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>>I have a sony handycam DVD101E.  It has a miniDVD and a USB port. With
>>Linux I cannot access either. I do not know the type of filesystem used.
>>Any assistance would be grateful.
>>Adrian Blake
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>>On Sun, 5 Jun 2005 13:32 pm, Adrian Blake wrote:
>>>I have a sony handycam DVD101E.  It has a miniDVD and a USB port. With
>>>Linux I cannot access either. I do not know the type of filesystem used.
>>I don't know "miniDVD" (do you mean 4 pin IEEE1394 aka firewire aka iLink?),
>>but if you plug in the USB device, what is shown if you type "dmesg" after
>>that? What is in /proc/bus/usb/devices?
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Adrian Blake
Molonglo Radio Observatory
University of Sydney
1152 Hoskinstown Rd
Bungendore 2621
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