[clug] Light laptops with good Linux support?

Brad Hards bradh at frogmouth.net
Fri Jun 3 08:19:53 GMT 2005

I'm starting to think about getting a new laptop, and because I'm so lazy, 
wondered if anyone had already done the research / had experience.

I'm particularly interested in something with excellent graphics support 
(ideally accelerated, no proprietary drivers) and fairly light (so perhaps a 
12.1" screen).

If battery life isn't too good, something that isn't too expensive to buy a 
second battery (aka, not Sony).

Working WLAN is important. Gigabit ethernet, bluetooth, irda and a real modem 
would be nice, in descending priority

I do some KDE (C++) compiling, so at least the option to get to 1G memory is 
kinda important, as is a reasonably quick processor.

At least a CD drive is pretty important. Docking station or external is OK, as 
long as I can boot from it.


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