[clug] Bizarre File Copying Problem.

Joel Plane clug at korgsit.com
Thu Jul 21 15:23:44 GMT 2005

Its my junk directory. I don't like deleting stuff so I put it in a 
directory that I'm never going to look in again so that if I ever need a 
file I have the option of  spending a few hours searching through it all 
if it would take more time to recreate it :). So I'm sure how big the 
files are. Many PHP files tho, so probably a reasonable amount small 
files, but again, unlikely to be 16/17GB worth.
I tried du with and without the 'apparent-size' switch. I think there 
was about 500MB difference.

Martin Pool wrote:

>On 22 Jul 2005, Joel Plane <joel.plane at gmail.com> wrote:
>>'From' computer:
>>Nautilus says 56GB
>>du says 73GB (very little variation between actual size and on-disk size)
>>'To' computer: (which stopped because it ran out space)
>>Konqueror says 72.0GB
>>du says 72GB
>>Perhaps Nautilus is a liar. Well problem solved, I just need to free up 
>>a few GB on 'To' computer it seems. I'm not too sure why nautilus would 
>>lie to me tho. I noticed it calculated the size pretty quickly. Perhaps 
>>it figured it would be the same size as it was 6 months ago. Either way, 
>>an interesting result.
>Did you have a lot of small files?  ext3 allocates files in 4k(??)
>blocks; so each file wastes an average of 2k and that can add up.  du
>shows the size uses; nautilus maybe only shows the total useful content.

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