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      Chen Yonglin: CCP Believes Australian Government Can Be Bought
      Jun 24, 2005

      Picture:Chen Yonglin at the press conference on June 22, 2005 (The Epoch 
      When Chen Yonglin, the former Chinese Communist Party (CCP) diplomat 
      seeking asylum in Australia, first announced his intention to defect, he 
      told the world about the close relationship between the CCP and the 
      Australian government, and stressed that the CCP operates a 1,000 person 
      spy network in Australia. Since then the media has been trying to follow 
      up on this sensitive topic, but Chen has remained silent. On June 22nd 
      Chen held a press conference during which he began to elaborate on his 
      knowledge of the dealings between the two governments. What follows are 
      excerpts of Chen speaking at the conference. 
      China Seeks To Make Australia Part of Its “Great Border Area” 
      “In February of 2005, Zhou Wenzhong, the Chinese Vice Minister of Foreign 
      Affairs, held a meeting at the Chinese Embassy in Australia with the 
      ambassadors and consuls general to Australia and New Zealand, and the 
      general consuls and the diplomats in charge of political affairs. I 
      accompanied Qiu Shaofang, the general consul of the Chinese consulate in 
      Sidney, to attend the meeting. 
      “The main purpose of the meeting was to implement the decision made during 
      the 10th Meeting of the Chinese Diplomats in Foreign Counties held in 
      mid-August of 2004, at the suggestion of Hu Jintao, the General Secretary 
      of the CCP, to make Australia part of the “Great Border Area” of China. 
      They asked each consulate to provide its point of view and suggestions for 
      the next step. 
      “During the meeting, Zhou Wenzhong shared information about the CCP 
      Central Government’s strategic planning toward Australia and the United 
      States, which is related to the close ties between these two countries. 
      The CCP wants to break through the military union of the two countries and 
      turn Australia into a second France. It hopes to shape Australia into a 
      country that dares to say “no” to the United States. 
      “China first started crafting its plan to reshape Australia when it 
      learned that Australia was planning to give up ties with Asia in favor of 
      stronger ties with the United States. At that time the free trade 
      negotiations between Australia and the United States were at a climax and 
      Australia had high hopes of being included in the North America Free Trade 
      Agreement (NAFTA). Meanwhile, Australia had a big court case pending with 
      Guangdong Province in China, concerning natural gas, which was making it 
      less and less popular with the Chinese government. 
      “In March of 2003 Tang Jaixuan, the Chinese Minister of Foreign Affairs, 
      visited Australia and questioned the Australian government on certain 
      issues, including issues related to Falun Gong. On the day before Tang 
      Jiaxuan arrived in Canberra, Alexander Downer, the Australian Minister for 
      Foreign Affairs, signed an article banning Falun Gong practitioners from 
      setting up signs and banners or using loud speakers to protest in front of 
      the Chinese embassy. Since then Downer has continued to sign similar 
      articles every month, which has made Tang Jiaxuan very happy. 
      “That same year, China initiated the celebration of the 30-year 
      anniversary of the establishment of the relationship between China and 
      Australia. The Chinese government sent many groups to Australia to promote 
      Chinese culture and political ideology. 
      “In 2003 when Hu Jintao visited Australia he received unprecedented 
      treatment in Canberra. Bob Brown, a congressmen belonging to the Greens- 
      the opposition party- was not allowed to enter the building where congress 
      was being held. This was done to prevent the attendance of dissidents and 
      Falun Gong practitioners that might have shown up as the congressman’s 
      guests. Hu Jintao was delighted and commented to his staff that this was a 
      sign that the Australian government could be influenced. 
      “In 2005 when Wu Bangguo visited Australia, he requested the same 
      treatment— not to see or hear any protestors or dissidents. Next Year, 
      China plans to send Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao to visit Australia, 
      and in 2007 Hu Jintao will be in Australia to attend the World Economic 
      The CCP Thinks The Australian Government Can Be Bought 
      “Over the past several years, Chinese officials have successfully built 
      close personal relationships with their Australian counterparts, all for 
      the purpose of establishing leverage in the Australian government. The CCP 
      is convinced that the Australian government can be coerced to follow its 
      aims through application of economic pressures and incentives. It plans to 
      use economic pressure to force Australia to cave on political and human 
      rights issues. 

      “The dialogue on human rights between China and Australia over the past 
      several years was merely a show put on to appease the Australian public. 
      In fact, there was no progress made. When high-ranking Australian 
      officials visited China, they did not raise any human right issues. I knew 
      what was said during their visits, because a summary news brief of each 
      visit was sent to the consulate.” 
      Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs Helped the CCP to Wriggle Out of a 
      Difficult Lawsuit 
      “Due to the nature of my work as a diplomat, I have witnessed many 
      instances of secret dealing between the Chinese and Australian 
      governments, and such knowledge has weighed heavily on my conscience. I 
      know that the Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs and the Chinese 
      Embassy in Canberra share all of their information with each other. The 
      Australian Minister for Foreign Affairs even gives suggestions to the 
      Chinese government on how to handle difficult political issues. 
      “For example, Zhang Cuiying, a Falun Gong practitioner, lodged a lawsuit 
      in the Supreme Court of New South Wales against the former Chinese 
      president and the 6-10 Office for genocide, torture and crimes against 
      humanity. Based on an article of the national amnesty code of Australia, 
      the lawsuit was not handled by the Department of Foreign Affairs and 
      Trade, but by a special substitute process. This greatly embarrassed the 
      Chinese government and caused it much distress, because it did not want to 
      have to face Falun Gong practitioners in open court proceedings. 
      “To help the CCP, the Australian Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade 
      provided several solutions. Dr. Geoff Raby, Deputy Secretary of the 
      Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, promised the Chinese 
      government that when he visited China in March, 2005 that he would ask for 
      the materials from the Supreme Court, cancel the lawsuit by the Falun Gong 
      practitioners and put an end to the charges against the Chinese leader. 
      Raby later regretted making this offer. 
      “The Department for Foreign Affairs and Trade offered another solution: to 
      have the Chinese government send a representative to stand trial in place 
      of the leader, and thus expedite the lawsuit. The Chinese government did 
      not adopt this suggestion and instead decided to put pressure on the 
      ministry, which resulted in the ministry’s cooperation in preparing many 
      legal documents to assist the CCP.” 
      Chen ended the press conference with this comment: “I have witnessed too 
      many secret deals between the Australian and Chinese governments. I am 
      really concerned that I will be betrayed. Therefore, in case I should run 
      into sudden misfortune, I have spoken my mind to the public.” 
      Please see Part I, ”Chinese Defector Tells of Government Plot” and Part 
      II, ”Chen Yonglin Describes Abduction by Chinese Agents in Australia”.


You are able help and please do help:

1. You may help Australian by letting more Australian or citizen in 
   Commonwealth countries to aware the story.

2. Talk to your local MPs, Senators. They may be able to help.

3. Write letters to Australian government to express your concern.
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      Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party

      The Epoch Times

      Dec 01, 2004

            The Epoch Times is now publishing a special editorial series, “Nine 
            Commentaries on the Chinese Communist Party.” 
      More than a decade after the fall of the former Soviet Union and Eastern 
      European communist regimes, the international communist movement has been 
      spurned worldwide. The demise of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is only 
      a matter of time. 
      Nevertheless, before its complete collapse, the CCP is trying to tie its 
      fate to the Chinese nation, with its 5000 years of civilization. This is a 
      disaster for the Chinese people. The Chinese people must now face the 
      impending questions of how to view the CCP, how to evolve China into a 
      society without the CCP, and how to pass on the Chinese heritage. The 
      Epoch Times is now publishing a special editorial series, “Nine 
      Commentaries on the Communist Party.” Before the lid is laid on the coffin 
      of the CCP, we wish to pass a final judgment on it and on the 
      international communist movement, which has been a scourge to humanity for 
      over a century. 
      Throughout its 80-plus years, everything the CCP has touched has been 
      marred with lies, wars, famine, tyranny, massacre and terror. Traditional 
      faiths and principles have been violently destroyed. Original ethical 
      concepts and social structures have been disintegrated by force. Empathy, 
      love and harmony among people have been twisted into struggle and hatred. 
      Veneration and appreciation of the heaven and earth have been replaced by 
      an arrogant desire to “fight with heaven and earth.” The result has been a 
      total collapse of social, moral and ecological systems, and a profound 
      crisis for the Chinese people, and indeed for humanity. All these 
      calamities have been brought about through the deliberate planning, 
      organization, and control of the CCP. 
      As a famous Chinese poem goes, “Deeply I sigh in vain for the falling 
      flowers.” The end is near for the communist regime, which is barely 
      struggling to survive. The days before its collapse are numbered. The 
      Epoch Times believes the time is now ripe, before the CCP’s total demise, 
      for a comprehensive look back, in order to fully expose how this largest 
      cult in history has embodied the wickedness of all times and places. We 
      hope that those who are still deceived by the CCP will now see its nature 
      clearly, purge its poison from their spirits, extricate their minds from 
      its evil control, free themselves from the shackles of terror, and abandon 
      for good all illusions about it. 
      The CCP’s rule is the darkest and the most ridiculous page in Chinese 
      history. Among its unending list of crimes, the vilest must be its 
      persecution of Falun Gong. In persecuting “Truthfulness, Compassion, 
      Tolerance” Jiang Zemin has driven the last nail into the CCP’s coffin. The 
      Epoch Times believes that by understanding the true history of the CCP, we 
      can help prevent such tragedies from ever recurring. At the same time, we 
      hope each one of us would reflect on our innermost thoughts and examine 
      whether our cowardice and compromise have made us accomplices in many 
      tragedies that could have been avoided.
      The titles of the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party” are: 
      1. On What the Communist Party Is
      2. On the Beginnings of the Chinese Communist Party 
      3. On the Tyranny of the Chinese Communist Party
      4. On How the Communist Party Is an Anti-Universe Force
      5. On the Collusion of Jiang Zemin with the Chinese Communist Party to 
      Persecute Falun Gong 
      6. On How the Chinese Communist Party Destroyed Traditional Culture
      7. On the Chinese Communist Party’s History of Killing
      8. On How the Chinese Communist Party Is an Evil Cult
      9. On the Unscrupulous Nature of the Chinese Communist Party
      The Epoch Times Editorial Board

      (Updated on January 10, 2005 with yellow highlights)

Copyright 2004 - The Epoch Times

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      Commentary: From Matters of Principle to Compromise for Gain

      By James Burke
      The Epoch Times

      Jul 01, 2005

            Prime Minister John Howard (Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images) and 
            Foreign Minister Alexander Downer (Prakash Singh/AFP/Getty Images)
      The high profile defections of Chinese officials over the past month have 
      been a timely reminder that China remains under the grip of a repressive 
      regime while also revealing a disturbing trend of self-interest and 
      shortsightedness by the Howard Government.
      Rather than investigating the explosive claims of Chinese espionage and 
      harassment by the defecting senior political officer, Mr. Chen Yonglin, 
      the Federal Government instead turned a blind eye and showed antipathy to 
      his and his family’s fate. 
      During a press conference on Wednesday June 22 an emotional and exhausted 
      Mr. Chen said he felt compelled to publicly reveal further sensitive 
      information because the Federal Government was not only ignoring his 
      application for political asylum, but actually colluding with Chinese 
      authorities to return him to China. Mr. Chen claims a former colleague 
      from the consulate told him that Chinese authorities were “100 per cent 
      sure” he will be sent back to China. 
      The Federal Government’s handling of his defection has again shown how 
      inept, or callous, both its foreign affairs and immigration departments 
      are. Former Australian Secret Intelligence Service (ASIS) officer Mr. 
      Warren Reid told The Age the Federal Government’s handling of Mr. Chen’s 
      defection was a case of “monumental bungling, or there’s something more 
      After describing further details of kidnapping in Australia by Chinese 
      agents, Mr. Chen went public with inside information of how the Howard 
      government’s human rights dialogue with Chinese officials is a façade. “I 
      have witnessed it in my past four years working with the Chinese consulate 
      that the Australian Government, especially the Department of Foreign 
      Affairs and Trade (DFAT), has made a lot of compromises of sensitive 
      issues of human rights and about Chinese democracy issues.” 

            Former Intelligence Service officer Mr. Warren Reid told The Age the 
            Government’s handling of Mr. Chen’s defection was a case of 
            “monumental bungling, or there’s something more sinister.” 
      This week delegations from DFAT for the Australia-China Human Rights 
      Dialogue are in Beijing. No doubt they will have plenty to talk about, but 
      the discussions are held behind closed doors away from the scrutiny of the 
      media, parliament and therefore the Australian public. These sessions are 
      part of a policy that puts forward the theory that increasing trade will 
      lead the Chinese communist regime to reform itself politically and renew 
      its outlook towards human rights. 
      However, the opposite unfortunately seems to be true, as pressure from 
      Chinese officials has led our own government to compromise its stance on 
      human rights, disregard its own legal process and reduce Australians’ 
      freedom of expression. 
      Mr. Chen claims the Australian Government has aided Chinese authorities in 
      quashing a lawsuit lodged earlier this year by Australian citizens who 
      practice Falun Gong in the Supreme Court of New South Wales. The lawsuit 
      targets the ex-president of China Jiang Zemin and the Gestapo-like “610 
      According to Mr. Chen, Mr. Downer’s department offered legal assistance 
      and prepared legal documents in cooperation with Chinese authorities. If 
      Mr. Chen’s claims are true, Mr. Downer is guilty of not only turning a 
      blind eye to human rights issues in China but also of actively condoning 
      Mr. Chen also said Mr. Downer relented to Chinese Government pressure 
      prior to the 2002 visit of Mr. Tang Jiaxuan, the Chinese Foreign Minister. 
      Mr. Downer made it illegal for Falun Gong practitioners to hold banners 
      saying “stop the killing” and “truthfulness compassion forbearance” across 
      the road from the Chinese Embassy. This ban continues to this day.
      According to The Asia Times Mr. Tang also warned the Australian Government 
      to not meet the Tibetan spiritual leader the Dalai Lama on his visit to 
      Australia that year. True to form the Howard Government complied. 
      The night after Mr. Chen’s press conference, ABC’s Lateline interviewed 
      the new National’s leader Mr. Mark Vaile who has held the portfolio of 
      trade for over five years. When questioned about the slave force used in 
      the Chinese re-education through labor camps, he denied any direct 
      knowledge and implied he didn’t need to know as his role is to facilitate 
      the economic ties between the two countries. 

            When asked about the Chinese slave-labor camps, Mr. Mark Vaile, 
            Trade Minister for five years, denied any direct knowledge and 
            implied he didn’t need to know, as his role is to facilitate 
            economic ties between the two countries. 
      “The responsibilities in terms of human rights and our position and our 
      candid views on that are the responsibility of the Minister for Foreign 
      Affairs, and I’m sure that he does regularly make contact and comment to 
      his counterparts in China on those issues,” said Mr. Vaile. 
      No doubt Mr. Downer is aware that the ruling communist party uses torture, 
      brutal labor camps, and propaganda to maintain control over China’s 
      population. He is also no doubt aware that the Chinese Communist Party 
      (CCP) is structured to benefit an elite level of bureaucrats, new 
      millionaires and their transnational patrons. 
      In an interview with The Epoch Times, the second Chinese defector, Mr. Hao 
      Fengjun, described the violence meted out to Falun Gong practitioners and 
      also the huge surveillance effort by security agents on overseas 
      practitioners. The nature of the massive and mindless persecution of 
      millions of peaceful people who practice Falun Gong and follow its three 
      principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is the most disturbing 
      and yet true indication of the communist party’s unchanging violent and 
      paranoid outlook. 
      With the 84th birthday party of the Chinese Communist Party falling on 
      July 1 we can only ask if the Howard Government will, in the guise of 
      self-interest, be sending their best wishes. 
       The substance of what makes up the Chinese Communist Party has not 
      changed from what it has been over the decades; it has merely adapted to 
      maintain its power. It continues to be responsible for the deaths of 
      millions of its own citizens. 
      If the Howard administration believes it can keep economics, human rights 
      and politics separate when dealing with the Chinese authorities, it will 
      find itself out maneuvered by a regime that sees its economic clout as a 
      foreign policy tool. 
      With a principled stand taken by the Chinese defectors, the Australian 
      Federal Government has been shown up to be morally lacking. As these men 
      have joined the two-and-a-half million Chinese who have withdrawn their 
      membership from the communist party there is true hope that China will one 
      day regain its full potential and return to being a truly great and 
      respected nation.
Copyright 2004 - The Epoch Times

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      Hao Fengjun Reveals Facts of the ‘610 Office’
      Hao Fengjun, from Model Police Officer to 610 Office Defector

      By Li Hua
      The Epoch Times

      Jun 19, 2005

            Hao Fengjun being interviewed (The Epoch Times)
      MELBOURNE - Hao Fengjun never thought his visit to Melbourne’s Epoch Times 
      office on June 4, 2005 would send shock waves throughout Western society. 
      Hao chose to step forward to tell people why he defected from his post as 
      a police officer in China’s notorious 610 Office. He risked his own and 
      his family’s lives to help people understand the situation in China. 

      A Model Police Officer at the Public Security Bureau Branch Office
      Hao Fengjun was once a model police officer. He believes that law 
      enforcement is a sacred profession. As a child he loved martial arts and 
      dreamed of becoming a policeman. He realized this dream when, in 1994, he 
      graduated from the Department of Law in Nankai University and joined the 
      Heping district branch of public security bureau in Tianjin city. 
      “I was a public security police officer in Heping district, Tianjin city 
      from 1994 to 2000. I thought a policeman should punish evil, encourage 
      kindness and promote righteousness. This is how I thought and this is how 
      I worked. I received excellent ratings almost every year. I solved two 
      large-scale drug-deals and several robbery cases and was awarded Detective 
      Third Grade. In the chief police officer election in 1998, I was elected 
      to be a first-level police officer. I led over a dozen policemen from my 
      office to protect the area. I felt that I had reached the peak of my 
      No Policeman Wants to Work at the ‘610 Office’
      In October 2000, the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) transformed the Tianjin 
      public security division into a public security bureau. This was a 
      combination of the former department of administration and security with 
      the mechanism of the ‘610 Office.’ (Editors’ Note: the ‘610 Office’ is a 
      Gestapo-like special security force charged with “eradicating” the 
      practice of Falun Gong, using any means however brutal.) The change 
      improved the ability of the ‘610 Office’ to suppress the meditation 
      practice Falun Gong. The ‘610 Office’ has the power to issue orders to 
      outside organizations and conduct other organizations’ investigations.
      Although the ‘610 Office’ openly recruited within the public security 
      system, it received only one application. The Tianjin public security 
      bureau came up with a solution- to arbitrarily transfer people. Under 
      orders from the Tianjin public security bureau, each branch office uses a 
      computer program to pick at random which employees have to transfer to the 
      municipal security bureau. If the person fails to register at the 
      municipal security bureau, he will be dismissed from work. Unfortunately 
      Hao Fengjun was selected and transferred to the place that nobody wants to 
      610: The Nightmare Begins
      The first day that Hao Fengjun stepped into the ‘610 Office’, he knew it 
      was not the right place for him.
      When he joined the ‘610 Office’ in October of 2000, there were over 40 
      people in one office. Hao Fengjun’s boss handed him a thick stack of 
      records, including details about the supposed crimes of Tianjin Falun Gong 
      practitioners and the CCP’s guidelines about Falun Gong. Hao’s boss asked 
      the newly transferred 27-year-old young man to “learn, study and memorize” 
      the materials in order to build a “solid foundation” for future 
      assignments requiring him to persecute Falun Gong.
      “They tried to brainwash me. It goes on every day,” Hao Fengjun said. “I 
      was never able to put my heart into it or sit still. I knew the ‘610 
      Office’ monitored, arrested, and persecuted innocent people such as Falun 
      Gong practitioners and other dissidents. I was tired of it. In the end I 
      just showed up at the office but I did not do any work. I didn’t think 
      this was the kind of job that a true policeman would do. Whenever I could 
      no longer read the materials and wanted to walk around, seniors in the 
      office who were quietly reading the newspaper would turn around and look 
      at me. I felt suffocated.”
      The seniors at the ‘610 Office’s are CCP cadres who have worked for years 
      in the department of administration and security. According to Hao, they 
      regard punishing dissidents for the CCP as their career. They do not trust 
      the young men who have transferred from local offices. Hao said he could 
      not always escape by walking around the office and had to learn to bear 
      He wasn’t happy at home either. The excitement he once felt from solving 
      cases was replaced with silence and despair.
      “In the ‘610 Office’ people talked to each other with their hands covering 
      their mouth. They keep their voices low and are always looking around. 
      After being in such an environment for a long time, people even talked 
      like this in public. People are always afraid of being heard and are 
      paranoid, as if they have mental problems.”
      The ‘610 Office’ Has a Yearly Arrest Quota 
      When Hao Fengjun started to work for the ‘610 Office’ he was assigned to 
      the 1st Team. “As a member of the ‘610 Office’ my job was to guide and 
      coordinate with local offices to crack down on Falun Gong and analyze 
      collected materials.”
      A lot of information came from overseas. Hao Fengjun said, “The Australian 
      government has been saying that only the key Falun Gong members would be 
      dealt with [by the CCP] and ordinary practitioners would not be punished. 
      I think the Australian government does not understand the true nature of 
      the CCP. If it only targets key members, it should be limited to a 
      small-scale operation and would not involve every level of the police 
      force. If it were a small-scale operation, the authorities would not care 
      about what practitioners in other parts of the world are doing. However, 
      Falun Gong practitioners all over the world are under CCP surveillance. I 
      personally received intelligence information about Falun Gong 
      practitioners in Australia, the United States and Canada. The CCP collects 
      information on overseas Falun Gong practitioners. They hope to develop 
      strategies and policies to dissolve the Falun Gong group internationally, 
      eventually eliminating the group.”
      The CCP’s monitoring of Falun Gong includes those practitioners who live 
      in Tianjin. “Over 30,000 Falun Gong practitioners in Tianjin have been 
      registered. Every year superiors give the police a 10-percent quota. This 
      means that the number of people the police detain, put into forced labor 
      camps, juvenile re-education camps, or brainwashing classes must be 10 
      percent of the total number of practitioners. Take 30,000 Falun Gong 
      practitioners as an example. Ten percent is 3,000 practitioners.” So Hao 
      had to arrest, detain and brutally “transform” eight or ten Falun Gong 
      practitioners every day.
      Since November 2004 when The Epoch Times published the series of editorial 
      articles the “Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party”, the ‘610 Office’ 
      has had additional work. 
      “The ‘610 Office’ of the public security bureau is responsible for 
      monitoring and analyzing those who resign from the CCP. Every resignation 
      published on the Epoch Times Tuidang (Quit the CCP) website is reviewed by 
      the city where it was posted. The Tianjin public security bureau has a 
      Falun Gong database with 30,000 Falun Gong practitioners’ records. They 
      monitor the withdrawal website every day. For example, every day a report 
      with a list of names that resigned from the CCP is generated. They search 
      the Falun Gong database for matched names and more information, including 
      which local office they belong to. The information is passed to the local 
      office and the local office then handles the cases. In that way, whoever 
      publishes a resignation with their real name will be arrested.”
      All News about Falun Gong Coming from the ‘610 Office’ is Fake
      “Since I did not want to get involved in these activities and did not want 
      to pressure local offices, I was not able to complete my quota. From a 
      policeman who got rewards every year, I gradually became a policeman who 
      failed to meet the requirements of the ‘610 Office’ and who finally lost 
      his job as a police officer. I was demoted to the support staff.”
      Hao Fengjun went on: “Actually the staff at the branch level is not 
      willing to persecute the detainees that they work with every day. Falun 
      Gong practitioners could be their next-door neighbors. How could they 
      possibly detain them? And they did not do anything wrong - how could we do 
      After witnessing Sun Ti, a Falun Gong practitioner, being beaten by the 
      police at the ‘610 Office’ (Case 103 by the ‘610 Office’), Hao Fengjun 
      felt that he could not work there any more. “Sun Ti was one of more than 
      70 Falun Gong practitioners that had been arrested. I saw her sitting on a 
      bench in the interrogation room. Her eyes were practically swollen shut. 
      The interrogator was Mu Ruili, the 2nd team leader of the ‘610 Office.' He 
      had in his hands a steel rod 1.5 centimeters in diameter. On the desk was 
      a high-voltage electric baton. After I came into the room, Mu Ruili was 
      ordered to leave. Sun Ti cried. She lifted her blouse and showed us her 
      wounds. Because she was a woman I wanted to leave. She asked me to stay 
      and said that she only wanted to show me. She turned around and lifted up 
      her clothes. I was shocked. There was not one piece of normal skin in her 
      back. Her back was all black and blue with two 20-centimeter-long cuts 
      oozing blood.
      “At that moment, I felt my heart break.
      “I once told my boss that I was incapable of doing this job. I asked him 
      to let me go back to the local office. My boss said: ‘That’s not going to 
      happen. It took us so long to collect these people and we still need more 
      help. How can I let you go? Once you are here, you cannot leave.’ In the 
      end, my boss did transfer me to a team that does not handle Falun Gong 
      cases, the 4th team. Later I became my boss’ driver.
      “The CCP said that it treats Falun Gong like ‘breeze and rain during 
      spring time,' and like a parent disciplining their children. I would just 
      like to know: Would parents starve their children and beat them to death? 
      “Ordinary people can’t see the truth about Falun Gong. They only hear 
      slurs the CCP has invented about how Falun Gong is harmful to people, 
      inventions such as the ‘self-immolation incident in Tiananmen Square’[1] 
      and the Beggar Murderer cases (in which a series of murders committed by a 
      man with a long history of mental problems was blamed on Falun Gong.) The 
      CCP wants people to think that Falun Gong is an evil cult. The government 
      blames all society’s ills on Falun Gong.
      “The CCP’s media only broadcasts pictures of very clean and neat labor 
      camps with policeman treating Falun Gong practitioners humanely. They say 
      the government’s compassionate treatment moves Falun Gong practitioners to 
      tears. All those scenes are fabricated. The people you see might not be 
      genuine Falun Gong practitioners. I saw the making of one of these 
      fabricated TV programs. One CCTV (China Central TV) reporter interviewed 
      the Falun Gong practitioner Jing Zhanyi in our bureau. Even the ‘610’ 
      policemen thought the things Jing Zhanyi said were completely untrue. I 
      witnessed how the head of our bureau ‘taught’ Mr. Jing what to say before 
      the interview. He threatened Mr. Jing that if he failed to say what he was 
      told, Jing’s detention would be extended. Mr. Jing recited his lines like 
      an actor.”
      Being against the CCP Is Not Betraying China
      Hao Fengjun made up his mind to leave the control of the CCP and explore 
      the democracy and freedom in the West. He finally arrived in Melbourne on 
      February 15, 2005, and applied for asylum. In Australia on June 8, Hao 
      Fengjun publicly announced his resignation from the CCP in front of the 
      Hao Fengjun said, “The thing that touches me the most is that the 
      Australian people can say what they want when they want, anything from joy 
      to anger. But in China it is impossible for people to express their 
      feelings. There is no medium for them to vent their joy or anger. They do 
      not have that freedom. They have to bear their suffering silently.
      “Someone accused me and Chen Yongli of betraying China. I want to ask this 
      person: If in Australia the Green Party or the Labor Party disagrees with 
      John Howard’s policies, do you think it is unpatriotic? The notion that 
      being against the CCP means that you are against China is the result of 
      the CCP’s incessant brainwashing.
      “I love my country and the Chinese people. It is a beautiful country with 
      abundant resources. But I am against the way the CCP treats the Chinese 
      people and I am against its prosecution of dissidents. Several days ago I 
      quit the CCP and other CCP related organizations - the Youth League and 
      the Young Pioneers. All of a sudden I felt light and relieved. I felt as 
      refreshed as grass covered in early morning dew.” 
      Advice to Chinese People in Australia 
      Hao Fengjun said: “Life in Australia is tougher than life in China. The 
      reason I came here is not to seek a better material life, but to look for 
      a way to extricate myself from the heavy burden of my experiences. I want 
      to expose their dark nature to the people of the world so they will have a 
      better understanding of the CCP.”
      “As a former employee of the CCP’s public security system, I recognize the 
      fabrications of my ex-coworkers when I read them in news articles. I hope 
      those who know the truth about the CCP will tell the truth. Those who work 
      as the CCP’s mouthpiece and do secret work for the CCP, please step down. 
      Your behavior and your articles clearly expose you. Your intention is well 
      known. When the CCP collapses, how will you face your own people?”
      [1] On January 23, 2001, a small group of people apparently set themselves 
      on fire in China’s Tiananmen Square. The state-run Xinhua news agency 
      reported the incident with unusual speed, claiming that the immolators 
      were practitioners of the Falun Gong spiritual practice. Evidence shows 
      that this incident was staged, a ploy used to turn public opinion against 
      a group already persecuted for their beliefs.
      To view a slow-motion analysis of the film of the incident, please go to 
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The book of <<9 Comments on CCP>> can be free downloaded from:

****The Statements of Defecting Chinese Sparks Debate in Canadian Parliament******

Following the statements made by defecting Chinese agents about the Chinese spy network 
in Canada, the threat of Chinese spies in Canada is getting more recognition from the government. 

According to Hao Fengiun, a former “610 Office” agent in China, there are over 1000 agents in Canada 
whose primary task is to imform on Falun Gong and other religious grougs persecuted by the Chinese 

Conservative leader Stephen Harper pressed Prime Minister Paul Martin in the House of Commons 
Wednesday for not doing more to protect Canadians and defend the nation's soverignty from foreign agents. 

“Today the former head of the CSIS [Canadian Security and Intelligence Service] Asia desk confirmed 
reports from defectors that close to 1000 Chinese government agent spies have infiltrated Canada,” 
said Harper. 

“Did the Prime Minister explicitly raise this violation of our sovereignty when he met with leading 
Chinese government officials in Beijing earlier this year?” Asked Harper.

The Prime Minister indicated that he did raise the issue when he met with Chinese officials.

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      Chinese Defector in Belgium Exposes Industrial Spying in Europe
      Student association provides cover for member of a network of Chinese 
      communist industrial spies in several European nations

      By Lea Zhou and John Nania
      The Epoch Times

      Jul 05, 2005

            A man walks by Alcatel in Hanoi, Vietnam in October 2004. Alcatel is 
            a target of infiltration by Chinese industrial spies in Europe. 
            (AFP/Getty Images)
      A Chinese defector in Belgium has exposed a long-running, widespread 
      Chinese Communist Party (CCP) industrial spy network operating in Europe.
      The latest in a growing list of officials defecting from China to Western 
      countries was a board member of a Chinese student association in Leuven, 
      Belgium, according to Claude Moniquet, CEO of European Strategic 
      Intelligence Security Center (ESISC), in an interview with The Epoch 
      Like recent defectors in Australia and Canada, the defector in Belgium has 
      yet to be given political asylum, so his exact identity has not been made 
      Moniquet noted that industries that are targets of Chinese spies in Europe 
      “are all industries with a high level of research and development and with 
      high added value,” those with key industrial secrets.
      “They need to steal these economic and scientific secrets to go faster in 
      their economic development,” Moniquet said.
      He cited pharmaceutical, high tech, telecommunications, space, aviation 
      and medical industries as particular targets.
      The network of spies operating from Belgium is certainly active also in 
      The Netherlands and France, and possibly also in the U.K. and Germany, 
      said Moniquet. The students, who may either be military personnel in 
      disguise as students, or “just normal average Chinese students, put under 
      high pressure by Beijing” to spy, make wide-ranging connections and take 
      positions in various companies throughout Northern Europe.
      Economic Interests Keep Western Government Silent
      Politicians in Europe have known about this particular network of spies in 
      Belgium for about two years, but have kept silent in order not to 
      jeopardize trade relations with China.
      “The intelligence and security services in Europe are under high pressure 
      from the politicians because the politicians don’t want any trouble with 
      China,” said Moniquet. The politicians know that “China is stealing the 
      secrets and spying on the dissidents in Europe, but they have the 
      possibility to sell what they want to sell to China.”
      “It is very short-term thinking,” said Moniquet. “If you think, ‘That’s 
      OK, Beijing could spy, but we will sell them what we want’--it will be 
      true for a few years, but in 10 years, in 15 years, in 20 years--it will 
      be over, because they will have everything they need. They won’t have to 
      buy European products.
      “So clearly this is not the way to build a real common-interest 
      relationship with China.”
      Independent Verification from Various Nations
      In Australia, diplomat Chen Yonglin and policeman Hao Fengun have defected 
      recently and have come forward to give descriptions and documents of 
      networks of over 1000 spies each in Australia and Canada. They revealed 
      details of spying on Falun Gong practitioners and others whose human 
      rights the CCP actively violates, both at home and abroad.
      Defector Han Guangsheng in Canada, a one-time CCP Public Security Bureau 
      deputy director, corroborated the spying and human rights violations.
      Moniquet said that, in addition to the economic gains from spying in 
      Europe, “The other point is that China is not a democracy and they use 
      their spying ring to spy on dissidents, to spy the opposition, to spy the 
      Falun Gong, for instance, and this is not acceptable for a democratic 
      Moniquet emphasized that the majority of Chinese students in Europe are 
      not spies, but the minority of ordinary students who are coerced into 
      spying is due to “the nature of the Chinese communist regime in China, 
      which makes it very easy to put some people under pressure by intimidating 
      the family, by forbidding them to come back to China and so on, and so 
      even if a student doesn’t want to spy, he could be forced to spy.”
      Moniquet’s ESISC is a private organization that has close contact with 
      intelligence and government entities in Europe. He said he was asked not 
      to name the specific companies affected by this recent defector in 
      Belgium, due to publicity concerns and also due to judiciary 
      investigations not yet having begun in some of the affected countries.

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