[clug] Weird 500 error - script not executing?

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sat Jul 9 06:26:48 GMT 2005

At 02:57 PM 9/07/2005, Owen Cook wrote:

>1. does the shebang line point to where perl is

Yep; I copied it from a working script just in case I'd done something 
stupid that my eyeballs couldn't detect, but it still did exactly the same 

>2. have you run the script through a dos2unix script in case you have
>inherited dos carriage returns

It's all written under Unix, but I know the scripts work in CRLF mode as 
well (thanks to Perl).

>There are three other reasons but not on the top of my head, but try
>especially number 2

I'm right out there at the crazy solution stage.  My next plan is to rename 
the old file, create a new file with the old name and copy bits of it back 
in and see what happens.



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