[clug] mythtv with DVB

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Mon Jul 4 11:48:21 GMT 2005

At 09:43 PM 3/07/2005, Christopher Yeoh wrote:
>I was wondering if anyone in Canberra has got MythTV (~ Version 0.18)
>working with a digital tv card (eg something like a Fusion HDTV card).

I've done this very thing - I have a AVerMedia DVB-T and a TwinHan 
VisionPlus or something like that.  You have to get the 
/dev/dvb/adapter{0,1,2,3}/* devices working with the appropriate major and 
minor numbers for MythTV to work with the cards correctly.  Contact me on- 
or off-list for how to get it working in MythTV.

>I've managed to get the card working with dvbstream/tzap/mplayer, but
>am having difficulty configuring the channels with mythtv -
>specifically finding a way to enter the digital tuning information in
>without editing the mysql database directly (or even knowing exactly
>what I need to enter into the database).

I, conversely, have had enormous problems getting the analogue TV card I 
had in there to work - I couldn't work out what values to plug in and the 
values that I tried produced nothing but static.

I can thoroughly recommend http://www.wilsonet.com/mythtv as a resource for 
setting up MythTV in all scenarios.



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