[clug] automatic convertion Unix to Dos files.txt

Tony and Robyn Lewis beakysnugger at yahoo.co.uk
Sun Jul 3 22:38:21 GMT 2005

Sam Couter wrote:

>Michael Carden <crash at michaelcarden.net> wrote:
>Don't download this code. Sveasoft are well-known scumbags.
>Google for "sveasoft GPL" and enjoy the read. Not just the first hit,
Seconded, and for more than just GPL reasons.

I found it was doing NATting on the wireless stuff in such a way that it 
royally messed with DHCP - couldn't turn it off.

I also found it was doing SMB probes around the network, connecting to 
my shares.  In the end (before I replaced it) I had to deny it access in 

If you're looking for a dropin replacement, I recommend HyperWRT[1].  
I'm running this at the moment, and it's as easy to install as any.  I 
missed the last clug re openwrt, but I'm aiming to move to that when I 
have a quiet moment.


[1] http://hyperwrt.org

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