[clug] Will pay money to get mythtv box working

Paul Wayper paulway at mabula.net
Sun Jan 30 01:58:03 GMT 2005

Hi there!

I no longer care about the geek credibility that I'm going to lose by 
asking this, as I've been bashing my head against this wall for the past 
week and no longer enjoy the pain.  I'm willing to pay money on a per-hour 
basis for someone with more experience to come out and get my (future) 
mythtv box working.

The system is described at http://www.mabula.net/mythtv.html, including 
listings of dmesg, lsmod and lspci, the most recent /var/log/messages and 
current modprobe.conf settings.  The cards in question are both using the 
bttv driver; one's a AVerMedia DVB-T, the other's a LeadTek WinFast 2000 
Expert (with FM radio).

Basically, tvtime and mythtv don't recognise any TV input from either 
card.  They recognise the composite and S-Video inputs, but tvtime gives me 
a message saying "videoinput: Can't get tuner info: invalid 
argument."  mythtvsetup just says it can't get any info from either card 
(and certainly doesn't recognise the DVB card).  I can't see any errors or 
other information that might give me a clue what I'm doing wrong.  My 
assumption is that I need to feed specific settings to the bttv driver to 
get it to recognise each card individually (and I've done this in 
modprobe.conf and modprobe.d/bttv) but these settings haven't worked and I 
don't seem to be able to find out what I've done wrong.  I'm only guessing 
as to whether the settings I've put in (derived from dmesg and web pages) 
are actually correct or not.

I've searched through the internet almost exhaustively; I've read the 
archives of various groups and read comprehensive howtos that never quite 
tell me the information I need or deal with having two bttv tuner 
cards.  I'm now at the stage of begging for help.  I'm quite happy to work 
with free advice, but have heard that money is an incentive to some people...

Thanks in advance,


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