[clug] OT: personal recommendations for TPG ISP

Ben Polkinghorne ben at polkosity.cjb.net
Fri Jan 28 11:38:57 GMT 2005

Tony and Robyn Lewis wrote:

>I'm thinking of getting off TransACT and going for TPG's 1.5M/256k
>service, and I'm after first hand evidence of their quality.
>I'm figuring to triple my download, more than twentuple my quota and
>save $8/mo in the process (give or take $140 installation)
>The whirlpool forums[1] are mixed in opinion, but it seems to be a bit
>dependent on location.
>So can anyone comment on things like
>- availability
>- consistency of throughput
>[1] http://forums.whirlpool.net.au/forum-threads.cfm?f=90
I've had 512kbs adsl with them for over a year.  Only two short outages 
in that time, but their network seems to have a high latency, high ping 
times for game servers etc compared to other isps.  Also their proxy 
arrangement (which uses squid)  often introduces delay for browsing.  On 
the whole they're pretty good for the cheap prices they charge.  Oh and 
their helpdesk /  accounts over the phone are  terrible, both in terms 
of quality and availability

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