[clug] how can I know umount command do success!

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Wed Jan 26 04:49:46 GMT 2005

What are you trying to do with your script???
So seem to be removing the contents of the file trees in '/' filesystem
hidden by /volume1 & /volume2...  Quite an odd thing to do...
Did you mean to clean the two mounted volumes, _then_ unmount them?

Try 'rm -rf', I think 'rm' is getting confused with the '-d' switch as

'rm -rf /volume1' _will_ remove the directory, you don't need '-d' to do

From=20the man page:
       -d, --directory
              unlink  FILE,  even  if  it is a non-empty directory

       -f, --force
              ignore nonexistent files, never prompt

       -r, -R, --recursive
              remove the contents of directories recursively


On Wed, 26 Jan 2005, [gb2312] =C2=E9=D1=A9=F2=D4 wrote:

> hi,
>   now my linux have mount two file system: the 'df' prints following info=
> =20
>   Filesystem           1k-blocks      Used Available Use% Mounted on
>   /dev/hda1              5044156    188084   4599840   4% /volume1
>   /dev/hdb1              5044156    188084   4599840   4% /volume2
>   I write a shell as followed:
>  =20
>   #/bin/sh
>   umount /volume1
>   rm -dfr /volume1
>   umount /volume2
>   rm -dfr /volume2
>   but when the shell excutes , I often causes error! I think it may be
> the umount command hasn't
>   finished, then the rm has worked!
> --=20
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