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Buy your box from AB&T in Phillip - a good company and close to your work.
If you buy from Dell (or any NAME brand) then expect to be paying 10-20%
more than if you purchased from AB&T or any of the shopfront PC houses here.
To measure "how safe" the company you buy from is, how long have they been
around for. Companies here (that spring to mind)

	c. ATM Computers (Belconnen)
		have quotes from them. Good

	d. Cougar Computers (Mitchell)

		have quotes from them. Probably leading at the moment

	also EBM at Charnwood.
		have quotes from then too. Dearer than the others but
		will try to match other quotes. This always seems sus
		to me. If they can offer a better deal, why don't they?
		I'm sure there are people who get one quote and buy on
		the spot, but not me ;-)

Thats the hardware side. To work out if Linux will run, it mainly comes down
to the motherboard - have a look at what motherboard is on offer and then
look up their site - perhaps google for motherboard model + Linux as well.

	Yep, have done that and all systems quoted 'appear' compatible.

	I'd still be interested in the AMD vs P4 debate if anyone has a

thanks for the advice,


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