[clug] Hi, and advice needed

Mark Woodward markwoodward at internode.on.net
Tue Jan 25 09:53:10 GMT 2005


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Hi Mark

It sure sounds like you are enthusiastic about a new shiny machine. However
it does look like you are equating the burden of a M$ OS and the need for
much power/memory/speed as also applying to Linux.

It's kind of a reward (with the blessing of SWMBO) for finally getting a job
in IT after 6 years of study. I will be doing more and more graphicically
intense stuff on it over time, hence the specs I outlined.

Sure you can get the latest machine and run Linux on it but you would
probably be best converting your 866 old machine to Linux while you are

I'd still need a XP machine though.

You could even go the Auctions and pick a reasonable spec ex govt machine up

Don't tell the wife that ;-)

<FlameSuit> I wont enter into the distro debate too much as I think I am in
the minority running Slackware.  But I find you learn more by doing more
detailed installs rather than just apt get xxx </FlameSuit>

<FlameSuitPenetrator> No need to appologise ;-) </FlameSuitPenetrator>

The only stuff that is pushing the limits on your old 866 would be the
camera/video editing stuff.

That's the concern. I'll probably be doing most of this using XP until I've
had a much better look at linux alternatives. 

By the way I run a video off air capture/network playback/archive server for
all my tv programs on a Dell GX1 PIII 600 MHz.  Unfortunately it runs on XP.
I tend to run the best tool for the particular job.

<NewbiesFlameSuit> Same here! I haven't looked too closely at the Gimp but I
doubt it's as productive to me as PhotoShop or PSP9 </NewbiesFlameSuit>

Newbies are always welcome at CLUG meetings.
Turn up listen and learn.

I'll probably take you up on that. Is there a meeting this Thursday night?


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