[clug] Hi, and advice needed

Neil Pickford neilp at goldweb.com.au
Mon Jan 24 13:19:07 GMT 2005

Hi Mark

It sure sounds like you are enthusiastic about a new shiny machine.

However it does look like you are equating the burden of a M$ OS and the 
need for much power/memory/speed as also applying to Linux.

Sure you can get the latest machine and run Linux on it but you would 
probably be best converting your 866 old machine to Linux while you are 
learning. You could even go the Auctions and pick a reasonable spec ex 
govt machine up cheap.

Get the full spec machine for M$ use if you must.

I have found lower spec machines quite fine for basic Linux server & 
desktop work.

<FlameSuit> I wont enter into the distro debate too much as I think I am 
in the minority running Slackware.  But I find you learn more by doing 
more detailed installs rather than just apt get xxx </FlameSuit>

By the way my main Linux server box is a Dell GX1 PII 266 MHz.
The only stuff that is pushing the limits on your old 866 would be the 
camera/video editing stuff.

By the way I run a video off air capture/network playback/archive server 
for all my tv programs on a Dell GX1 PIII 600 MHz.  Unfortunately it 
runs on XP.  I tend to run the best tool for the particular job.

Newbies are always welcome at CLUG meetings.
Turn up listen and learn.

Neil Pickford

Mark Woodward wrote:
> Hi guys,
> Just joined last night which is handy for me as I'm looking
> at buying a new computer and would like some advice re linux.
> I'm *very* tempted to buy a Dell but must decide before midnight
> tonight (24/1/05). This seems pretty good value. 
> http://dellstore02.dell.com.au/public/cart/configurator.jsp?prd_id=308359&sr
> _no=1
> hopefully the link will work until midnight so you can take a look.
> if not $2545 for a P3.6, 512G DDR2, 250G HD, 19" monitor.
> I'd add another 512 Ram, another HD (for linux ?160G), a floppy, and maybe
> the better 19" monitor but that's about it.
> Questions:
> Is linux OK on a Dell? Anyone have experience with Dell?
> Being Canberra locals, are there better alternatives? 
> AMD64 vs P4 3.6 ? This is something to think about! The head says go AMD but
> without any knowledge of it, it's just a thought! What do you think?
> With any system I end up with I'll get a second HD as I'm working at the
> Canberra Hospital as a (L plater) system admin and as you're probably aware
> the government network is Windows. So XP on 1 HD and Libranet 3 on the
> other. 
> As a guide to what I'd be after:
> 1. I'm 38 yrs old, and 6 years into a 8?yr IT degree, networking, (via
> distance ed) through Monash Uni. So, some programming, assignments , limited
> graphics/sound etc 
> 2. I'd like to do a lot more video/ digital camera stuff as I've got one and
> also have 2 kids 3 and 12 months. My current system (866, 256Ram, 20G HD)
> puts an end to that idea though. But with the power of new systems now a
> days I'm likely to have a go.
> 3. Eventually, when uni's over and I have a bit more time, I'll probably get
> back into recording music again.
> 4. Definitely want to continue programming (java, perl, php, python...)
> 5. and just the basic surfing, email etc
> Another thing I'd be interested in (and this is not a troll, but if it seems
> that way just ignore) what distro do most in this group run? I've been using
> Libranet 2.8 and will probably buy 3.0 when it comes out (now in beta). But
> if a few people here use straight sid and won't might me picking there
> brains occassionally I will probably just d/l the iso when it's available. I
> doubt I'd have the knowledge to install gentoo but that looks good also. If
> the majority run something else could you let me know. I'd rather be part of
> the masses until I become more proficient!
> And finally, the meetings every last thursday of the month. Would a semi
> newbie be out of place?
> Thanks,
> Mark Woodward
> (in Flynn by the way)

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