[clug] X on windows

david david at qednet.biz
Mon Jan 17 03:29:53 GMT 2005

I run VNC on a number of boxen, both Lin and win for average users, 
dollar value is very good ;)

Michael James wrote:

>What is the best way for naive users
> to run remote X apps on a windows box?
>Installation:	has got to be download-the-exe-and-just-say-yes.
>Use:			ssh to Linux box and arrive with DISPLAY set. (or VNC in)
>Bonus points:	Good cut-n-paste, and windows explorer like SCP support.
>My impressions so far:
>	Terminal has limited cut-n-paste.
>	Scripts to start X enabled terminal seemed flakey.
>	X will happily start twice and then not work.
>	No drag and drop SCP  window.
>	Couldn't get the install down to just-say-yes
>Xwin32?	Costs $132, is it worth the money?
>VNC?	 Sounds good, worth experimenting.
>Other?	Got any other suggestions?

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