[clug] Firefox question

David Tulloh david.tulloh at infaze.com.au
Thu Jan 13 23:34:52 GMT 2005

Enter about:config in the location bar to get a giant listing of 
options, many of which are not in the preferences dialogs.  You should 
be able to find a way to disable it in there.

Personally I find the google search from the location bar very useful 
but don't like the way it goes to the first link.  So I edited the 
browser.search.defaulturl, took out the I'm feeling lucky and use it to 
do regular google searches.

Changing the url may also fix your security concerns as it takes you to 
a search page so you know you aren't where you meant to go.


Eyal Lebedinsky wrote:
> I am setting it up for my main machine (Linux) but also for a Windows 
> machine that I have.
> It is the windows version that does very strange things. The first, 
> terrible, thing is
> that it issues a google search for a hostname if it cannot resolve it. 
> This is terrible
> because it jeopardizes security (you end up NOT where you meant to go) 
> and privacy (it
> issues a transaction you did not request with whatever you wrongly typed).
> I could not find a place to disable this (My proxy now blocks the 
> specific Google URL).
> The Linux version does not do this (nice).
> Another interesting thing is that the rouge site that is brought up 
> seems to turn off
> the "Stop" button and I cannot interrupt the loading. I checked and 
> normal sites do
> not do this, and neither does this specific site if I go there directly, 
> so maybe
> this is the Google search that does this?
> Thanks
>     Mr Paranoid

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