[clug] Why a Wiki?

david howe david at qednet.biz
Tue Jan 11 22:47:57 GMT 2005

prediction - nothing will happen because ppl are comfortable with what 
is already there.

Perhaps a revamped clug site is a solution in search of a problem, maybe 
it might open pathways to ppl who don't know about clug/linux and/or 
dont contribute to the current structure.

One is known and possibly quantifiable, the other not.

where will the brave and fearless admins takes us ?


Simon Burton wrote:

>On Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:34:40 +1100
>Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:
>>Has there been much discussion about what sort of content would
>>appear on a Wiki? The mailing list search tool is pretty good for
>>locating past topics, whilst the information required to promote
>>CLUG meetings seems to work OK via vanilla HTTP and email.
>Well, i'm ready to yammer on about my latest linux doofers. Eg. I've
>been playing with writing filesystems in python - a revision control
>filesystem. And i'd be interested to hear what other people are up to.
>The wiki is a "pull" instead of "push" based content model (email is a push).
>So you read it if you want to. Could be interesting.
>We have talked about changing the clug site many times in the past and nothing
>ever happened, so i'd be pretty dumbfounded if a clug wiki was born ! I say just do
>it, if the admin has the time. If nothing happens then pull the plug.

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