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freegazer freegazer at gmail.com
Tue Jan 11 12:56:46 GMT 2005

yeah it was  a 256k link so, u guess.

On Sun, 9 Jan 2005 16:28:39 +1100, Carlo Hamalainen
<carlo.hamalainen at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> > Downloading restarted at an avg of 2 k/per sec :(.
> > After contacting  IInet to ask (quite nicely) if anything had changed
> > they advised me to install adaware :| .......
> I'm on a 256k iiNet ADSL connection in Canberra, and as of this
> morning I was getting around 28K/s on some torrents (pretty much the
> max speed I can get on this link). If iiNet throttles torrent stuff
> then they're not throttling it enough to affect 256k users, I'd say.
yeah it was  a 256k link so, u guess.

> > And the connection speed changed to a whopping _0.5_ k/per sec. Thats
> > for BT, FTP & HTTP.
> > I would expect a little better for an ADSL account for a 256 connection.
> If http is slow then something's majorly wrong.

you think?
> > Now I can understand throttling of accounts to try to encourage
> > purchase of more expensive accounts but seeing as how _any_ window box
> > got normal connections speeds and _any_ Linux box on this side of the
> > modem reproduced the issue this seems pretty prejudicial.
> Um, doesn't this point to there being something wrong with one of your
> Linux boxes? I've had fast downloads on this IBM laptop
> (Debian/testing) and a Sun Ultra10 (also Debian/testing). Both on a
> lame DLink 302g modem.

I would think about this , except  this is two dedicated linux boxes,
a P4 and a P3 and one of the Win case dual Xeon running a knoppix
distro showing the symptoms under lin but not win.
All using the same Modem and connection.
> If I were you I'd poke around with some ping times to, say, iiNet's
> DNS server. And do some traceroutes and compare to similar tests on
> the Windows box.

love too but as I said  the morning after a follow up email issue resolved.

> -- Carlo

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