[clug] Why a Wiki?

Steven Hanley sjh at svana.org
Tue Jan 11 06:52:05 GMT 2005

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 05:34:40PM +1100, Antti.Roppola at brs.gov.au wrote:
> Martin Pool wrote:
> >On 11 Jan 2005, Alex Satrapa <grail at goldweb.com.au> wrote:
> >
> >> TWiki is a complex piece of software
> >
> >... so one thing to think about is whether the value of the complexity
> >outweights the (possibly) increased security exposure.    
> Has there been much discussion about what sort of content would
> appear on a Wiki? The mailing list search tool is pretty good for
> locating past topics, whilst the information required to promote
> CLUG meetings seems to work OK via vanilla HTTP and email.
> To me a Wiki sounds a bit like solution in search of a problem. Viz,
> I'd be much more inclined to believe there was a need for a CLUG Wiki
> if there was a clearly idenified communication issue and a strong
> suggestion that setting up a Wiki would solve it neatly.
> Now setting one up "because we can" is also a good enough reason, but I'd
> like to hear a bit more about what it would hold and who it would benefit.

I tend to agree to a large extent here. Why would we want a clug wiki, there
are not even enough people interested/keen to contribute web content (what
sort of web content would be worth putting on the clug website, anyway, I
cant really think of much that doesnt require work)

Sure a wiki could allow anyone on the list to put up meeting announcements
or somehting, but I dont see it happening.

Currently the only thing I can think of that we could put on clug.org.au is
a planet style blog aggregator, there are various cluggers who blog a fair
bit (Mikal, Andrew Pollock, Martin Pool, Chris Yeoh, etc)

That would be existing content that is not all on some other site, (not all
these people are on linuxsa planet, or humbug or slug planets for example)

I dont know that there is need for this solution in search of a problem
really either.

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