[clug] Another BSoD for Bill Gates on stage...

Stephen Jenkin sjenkin at canb.auug.org.au
Sun Jan 9 08:06:27 GMT 2005

Bill Gates getting BSoD on stage - is this for the _second_ time or more??


"Bill Gates' keynote at this week's Las Vegas Consumer Electronics Show
didn't quite go according to plan with glitches, including the dreaded
blue screen of death, several times interrupting his show.

"Microsoft's chairman, who shared the stage with US late night talk show
host Conan O'Brien, kept his cool when Microsoft Media Center crashed
during the presentation and an Xbox displayed the blue screen of death.

"As the Xbox went down for the count, the Microsoft executive running that
part of the presentation, Garrett Young, said, "This is a little bit of
demo karma. Sorry. I'm out of system memory, apparently.

""Yeah, so just imagine, if you will, that I was customising my car and
doing some really cool stuff."

"O'Brien played to the crowd during the crashes with lines like "right now
nine people are being fired", and "who's in charge of Microsoft? Oh ...".

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