[clug] Free Stuff

Brett Worth brettw at cray.com
Sun Jan 9 04:51:44 GMT 2005


I was at a trade show in November and got chatting to someone on the stand of "Pogo
Linux" (www.pogolinux.com). I mentioned that there was a LUG I attended in oz 
and he said he'd send me a T shirt because he'd run out.

So last week I got a box of 25 T Shirts with Pogo Linux on the front and a note
saying I should hand them out at the next meeting.  So if any one's interested
please grab one off me next meeting.  I'll bring the box.  First in first served
but I guess it'd have to be one each.  Would that be against the non-commercial
nature of CLUG?  I hope not because what the hell am I supposed to do with 25

Pretty amazing really considering they're based in Redmond.  I've heard bad
things about that place. :-)


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