[clug] Evolution snafu in FC3

ellisfamily ellisfamily at homemail.com.au
Fri Jan 7 20:49:02 GMT 2005

Confession: I'm having to send this from the M$ box because Evolution is 

Hello, all.

I have managed to comprehensively snafu Evolution on my Fedora Core 3 box, 
in both Gnome and KDE. (i.e. After I did it in KDE, I logged in using Gnome 
and repeated the process slightly differently but with the same end result.)

What I was trying to achieve:
I was trying to set up some special calendars from www.iCalShare.com .

What I achieved:
Evolution opens and, without allowing me to do anything about it, I get a 
pop-up box saying "The application"evolution" has quit unexpectedly." It 
offers me the options: 'Restart Application' and 'Quit'. Restarting just 
recyles the problem.

What I've tried:
(1) Looking at the files in Home > (hidden) .evolution to work out why. I 
didn't understand what I needed to look at.
(2) Going through my Home directory, finding the.evolution files and 
directories, and deleting them. When I restarted, the same error occured.

I am loath to delete my user and re-establish it, but would if this was 
likely to help.

Suggestions, please.

With thanks,

AND... if anyone can tell me what I need to do to get the calendars going in 
Evolution, then, also thank you. 

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