[clug] LCA 2005 help needed

Edward C. Lang edlang at tsumakin.net
Thu Jan 6 09:56:23 GMT 2005


On Thu, January 6, 2005 8:24 pm, Michael Still said:
> We really want to be able to provide a list of free / cheap wifi
> hotspots for linux.conf.au 2005 (in April, you should book now!). I'm
> hoping that people here have some recommendations. If you mail them to
> me, I'll provide a summary to the list and to the linux.conf.au people
> as well.

Have you enquired about getting some associate usernames from the ANU's
DoI so that people can use the WiFi on campus? My group had three or four
available for a symposium we ran early last month so that people could use
the university's webcache. (Of course, after a day or two, people started
running over quota by lunchtime or thereabouts, but that's another

>From what I gather, people should be able to use the WiFi on campus
without authenticating, but they'll be denied access to the cache -- I
forget if useful ports (ssh) are similarly blocked.

What official level of involvement does the ANU have in the conference?

There's a WiFi cafe on Northbourne in the Sydney building, but I've no
idea how much that costs. Hopefully the ANU will do Cool Stuff with
network access in the next few years as they unleash the cloud of Rolling
Development Thunder on City West.





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